March 2012 archive

Tales of the Turf

Since the new wicket was prepared last Autumn we have seen prolonged drought, a cattle stampede, heavy snow, record low temperatures, drought, and yet more drought; and yet we seem to have the makings of a ground! After the initial re-seeding in mid-September several members and friends spent many of the following weekends and evenings moving a …

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The History of Grantchester Cricket Part II: 1850 – 1870

In the first part of this occasional series we looked at Grantchester Cricket in the 1840’s and saw an established club playing regular fixtures against nearby villages and town sides. In addition the newspaper reports of the time tell of abandoned matches, “an excellent dinner of which 51 partook” and a suggestion that the Grantchester players may …

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Good News!

We’re all smiles at Grantchester Cricket Club today after we learned that our application for a grant from the local Council’s Community Chest has been successful. We have been awarded the dosh to purchase 2 sightscreens that can be erected for matches and dismantled afterwards. We will also be buying a large length of hosepipe …

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