May 2013 archive

A Shaggy Dog Story

“Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war…” Except that the hound that made the pitch invasion as Grantchester Cricket Club took on an XI from Ickleton for our first full game of 2013 wasn’t so much a dog of war, as that tail-wagging pacific pooch Boris Wilson. But, as wagging tails would …

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Fifty Shades of Frock

Ickleton visited Spring Lane on Sunday for a (I still can’t quite believe it) sunny, uninterrupted game of cricket. Unfortunately, GCC’s cricket did not quite live up to the meteorological conditions as you will read in the soon to appear match report. Here, I’d rather focus on another area of the game where I …

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Pitch & Bitch

Hello and welcome to the first (if Cap’n Wilson allows them) of the GCC Wags Blogs. Forget googlies and yorkers and boring things like runs and overs, the real action is all about what happens off the pitch. Although you do all look rather sweet in your white trousers, so do carry on, boys. …

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