Pangria & Saella

Grantchester, yesterday

We’re getting into the Flamenco style here in Grantchester as this glorious summer reaches its zenith, and to celebrate we have news of another fantastic event to share with you. An afternoon of Sangria, Paella and Spanish music will be held on the 28th July from 2.00 pm onwards at the Blue Ball Inn, Grantchester. …

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Ten to Three

Ah God ! to see the branches stir Across the moon at Grantchester ! To smell the thrilling-sweet and rotten Unforgettable, unforgotten River-smell, and hear the breeze Sobbing in the little trees. Say, do the elm-clumps greatly stand Still guardians of that holy land ? The chestnuts shade, in reverend dream, The yet unacademic stream …

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Grantchester take no Casualties against Medics

GCC v Liverpool Medics. GCC won by 146 runs. Grantchester lost the toss and were put into bat on a bright and breezy afternoon at Spring Lane. Both openers Jamie Innes (75*) and Rob Douaston (47*) were assured in the early stages of their innings and the Liverpool Medics attack was made to toil …

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A Day To Remember

The sun shone in a brilliant blue sky as Grantchester took the field for the first match at Spring Lane. The tinkle of ice in the Pimms and the popping of champagne corks provided the soundtrack to this historic occasion…………………. well, that’s what the script said. In reality a bone-chilling North Easterly scoured …

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Opening Up: The First Game at Spring Lane, May, 2012


Tales of the Turf

Since the new wicket was prepared last Autumn we have seen prolonged drought, a cattle stampede, heavy snow, record low temperatures, drought, and yet more drought; and yet we seem to have the makings of a ground! After the initial re-seeding in mid-September several members and friends spent many of the following weekends and evenings moving a …

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The History of Grantchester Cricket Part II: 1850 – 1870

In the first part of this occasional series we looked at Grantchester Cricket in the 1840’s and saw an established club playing regular fixtures against nearby villages and town sides. In addition the newspaper reports of the time tell of abandoned matches, “an excellent dinner of which 51 partook” and a suggestion that the Grantchester players may …

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Good News!

We’re all smiles at Grantchester Cricket Club today after we learned that our application for a grant from the local Council’s Community Chest has been successful. We have been awarded the dosh to purchase 2 sightscreens that can be erected for matches and dismantled afterwards. We will also be buying a large length of hosepipe …

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2012 Events

In these the dog days of winter, where cold holds the earth in its tentacular grip and the sacrosant optimism of daffodils is perceived folly, it is hard to believe that in just a couple of months men and women up and down the land will be digging their whites out of the …

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Averages 2011

Fixtures 2012

Seasons Greetings

It’s been quite a year here at Grantchester Cricket Club. Who’d have thought, at the beginning of 2011, we’d be well on our way to having our own ground, kit and roller. And yet here we are, thanks in no small part to some extremely generous benefactors and enthusiastic fund raisers. To all these …

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2011 Grantchester 10k Run – Online Registration Closed

We are very proud to announce that the Grantchester Sponsored 10k run will this year be held in aid of Grantchester Club on Sunday 11th December 2011. Meet at 10.15 am outside the Blue Ball Inn, this is a circular route that will bring you back here at the end of the run ready for …

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Grantchester Cricket in the 1980’s

Blue Ball cricket in the early 1980’s was a pretty casual affair made up from an eclectic mix of individuals from Cambridge and surrounding villages. Pete Brauer was captain though we always called him Pete “Man” because when he first turned up to play when asked his name replied “Its Pete, man.” He skippered for quite …

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