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GCC 21st Century All-Time Bowling Statistics

Following on from the Batting List, hereby the GCC 21st Century All-Time Bowling Statistics!!

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GCC All Time Batting Statistics*

Resplendent in Buckskin

Some idle statistics for the absolute sake of it and some vital questions to ponder…

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The 2018 Grantchester Charity Runs are Done!

2018 GCR

Thanks to everyone who helped out at this year’s Grantchester Charity 10k & 3k. Especially those who made sure it didn’t rain, wasn’t too windy and not too hot! Here is the spectacular video from Club member Will Anderson’s drone…

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The Outfield’s Turn For Some TLC

Spring Lane Field is looking magnificent after over-seeding and fertilisation of the outfield. Next season, the outfield will be better than ever!

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Square Repair, 2018

The 2018 season is done and so it is time to put the Spring Lane square to rest for the winter. The GCC scarifiers, seeders, fertilizers, loamers and luters were out on Thursday on a spectacularly sunny day. And, after the now traditional interlude….

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It’s a Mystery (XI)

No Mystery

It’s still a bit of a Mystery but thanks to Charlie…

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2018 Season Summary


yep…a summary of GCC’s 2018 season!

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No double for WW as he gets pipped at the post in the GCC 2018 Bowling averages…

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The Formerly Reigning Wrays, Reign Again…


In record time, our fearless Captain brings you the GCC Batting Averages for the season 2018…

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Camden Casuals on a not so glorious 12th (of August)

Arriving on the stroke of Tea (great timing!), I found Camden had reached 167 in their 35 overs. Considering last week 199 had literally been a par score and a lot of rain had fallen in between time, it seemed a good score, to me at least.

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GCC vs The Flycatchers: Part 2

GCC’s middle order were clearly intent on not embarrassing the England team (or India, for that matter) in terms of the number (or lack of number, to be more precise) of runs produced by the traditional engine room of any team. This collapse greeted me upon my arrival and was so rapid that I …

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GCC vs Flycatchers, Scores tied with one ball to go…

Martin Baker

A new classic or to quote the stroke making SL “It’s up there with the legendary Reach match in the GGC classic fixture category” While missing the denouement, the camera was there earlier and has the following to share. ps Check out the newly added season finale on Sept 8th

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It’s going to be a Battle…

The battle for Battle

Battle CC make a first time visit to Spring Lane on Sunday but the Battle (or rather battle) I’m referring to is the selection of the…

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Weekenders visit last err… Weekend

The aptly named Weekenders visited a glorious Spring Lane Field last Sunday (and I assume) promptly lost the toss. I arrived to find a GCC scoreboard reading 200 odd for 2. The scorebook was present and I thoughtfully took a picture to give a more informative tone to this report.

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GCC vs Menzies XI

GCC has had success against all our opponents over the years…. except one. The Menzies XI who have regularly recruited a side where the victory has varied between comprehensive and comfortable over Grantchester’s finest. Would this year be the time for the Menzies monkey to be prised from its perch upon the collective GCC back?

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