GCC 2018 Fixtures

Emily Willdigg,with Bronte Graver from ACT and three you might recognise

Thanks to the tireless Sam ‘Mr Fixtures’ Ludford, the GCC 2018 Fixtures are viewable from the drop down menu above (the button labelled Matches or click HERE). Sam is still working on a couple of fixtures so there may be some more added in the blank rows. Sign-up sheets are available so please click HERE. There are slots for the important participants such as Umpires and Tea people as well as those who are available to strut their stuff in GCC colours.

While you are in clicking mode you might also want to check this link for the latest from the Grantchester Charity Runs  as featured in the Cambridge Independent . The photo  left was taken at the same time by a more conventional photographer and shows the natty attire that our designated charities bring to this year’s Charity Runs.

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