GCC Annual Quiz Night, Friday, February 22nd @Grantchester Village Hall

It’s back, Quiz night, that is. Your chance to find out if the Quizlamic State has really been defeated…

It all starts at 7pm for a prompt 7:30pm start. Teams of 6 recommended. To book your place please go to the GCC Shop or click HERE.

A mystery no more, AP in full flow

In other news, the GCC Annual Dinner took place last week and quite a Dinner it was. Food was good and plentiful and our mystery guest speaker pelted us with eggs (fortunately, not rotten). In between time we learnt something about the perimeter of Spring Lane Field and Wiz’s batting (or was it Blobby’s bowling) and that even after a pretty heavy meal and other forms of consumption, the GCC membership are still capable of standing up on demand after 10pm.

Cap’n Dan reviewing the season

Cap’n Dan reviewed the season and regaled us with a mind blowing selection of statistics, some of which I have a horrible feeling might make a repeat appearance towards the end of February….

William Wray took the GCC 2018 batting honours and classily sent along his Mum to pick up the Cup. In contrast, Michael Carrick chose the more conventional approach of accepting the bowling Cup in person. Congratulations to both (not forgetting Will’s mum, of course)

A few pix of happy diners

And finally what would a GCC Dinner be without some food p*$%

Some excellent beef with all the trimmings…

…proved a bit too much…

…but a full recovery by the cheese 

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