GCC Members Out and About (and a new website)

The Grantchester Cricket Club has a new sister website primarily dedicated to the Charity 10k & 3k. Check it out!
A GCC tie spotting at La Fenice Opera House, Venice (I think this is real and not photoshopped…)
Venice 2015 023
Some pix from the pre Charity Runs Course walk

Assembling Marshals following George's Directions

Assembling Marshals following George’s Directions

Approaching Marshals

Approaching Marshals

Striding out...

Striding out…

...but Dave and Jonty seem to have other ideas

…but Dave and Jonty seem to have other ideas

awaiting some runners

awaiting some runners

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    • Steve Wilson on Mon, October 26, 2015 at 4:00 pm
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    A `Mob` of marshalls!

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