GCC Not Caught Napping

I was a bit delayed by another ‘project’ at HQ on Sunday. As a result I was late in getting to Spring Lane on Sunday and these photos are not the sharpest (shurely no connection, Ed). Our gracious visitors from Napton in Warks arrived in a splendid bus and even volunteered Tea money without being asked! The game matched the weather by all accounts and we look forward to welcoming them back in future years.

GCR Banner

Grantchester Charity Runs Banners were in evidence. Have You registered yet? If not, you can do so below!

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Sam Bowls

Sam Bowls (apologies, Sam, not your better side)…

It's in the air

…It’s in the air…

Guy reacts

…Guy reacts…

just out of reach

…but it’s just out of reach….



Phil takes off

Phil takes off… but Skip’s not impressed


Sam’s better side

A slightly blurred Matt delivers....

A slightly blurred Matt delivers….

TK holds a pose

…TK holds a pose….

'Bowled' Matt

….’Bowled’ Matt!

Dan about to take the final wicket

Dan about to take the final wicket

How to go on Tour... Get a bus

How to go on Tour… Get a bus!

GCC reached 241

GCC reached 241

Napton ended on 138

Napton ended on 138

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