Lidgate and Ousden Return

It was a bit dark but at least not raining as L&O, one of Giorgio’s old teams, featured in a high scoring match on Sunday. Sadly, I missed Baggers’ innings but was treated to a blow by blow replay by the man himself. Meanwhile Jamie Menzies and John Anderson were smashing the ball around making some pretty reasonable bowling look some what less so. John was out to a truly spectacular catch which, of course, I missed with the camera. You won’t see much better anywhere. Will Wray, back for the moment at least, didn’t slow things down much as Jamie upped the tempo to reach a well deserved century. But suddenly the game switched back in L&O’s favour as GCC’s effort in the slog overs was a little anti-climatic (to put it mildly). Still the 220+ score looked a challenging total.

Click on the images for a much larger version where you can actually see what is going on…

Clockwise from top left: JM, WW, JA, WT

Jamie on his way to an unbeaten century

WW shows some deft footwork (same delivery…)

Returning after our own tea, Jake Jones and Will Thwaites were showing some serious pace as far as I could see. L&O had two experienced batters who played rather savily knowing that this pace barage could hardly last. Replacing Jake, Sam Ludford was the unlucky one as L&O rapidly went through the gears. Will (Wray) had a bit more success but it was Jamie (who else) who finally put the brakes on the procedings with a couple of quick wickets. This proved to be a crucial turning point and GCC came out some 60 runs to the good.

Pace! JJ top, WT (same delivery) bottom two

In the Field. Exemplary technique from Jamie & Baggers

Sam bowls

Sam bowls … but what is that guy on the boundary up to??

Umbrella & Bell

Don’t forget…Click on the images for a much larger version

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