Match Report: Philanderers Truncated by Dominant GCC

A depressing blanket of pendulous grey cloud hung over the Clare college cricket pitch as the teams prepared to do battle. The Philanderers batsmen stood at the crease for some ten minutes or so as chaos prevailed amongst the Blue Ballers as to whom was playing and also their whereabouts. In the end we took to the field with ten which became 12 until a beady eyed umpire (not Maurice) spotted the extra man.

A strong start with Adam and TK opening the bowling and wickets dropping like swotted flies. As always hard but entertaining work in the field from Baggers. A notable catch from the skipper Neil Woods, who did not move a muscle as the ball kindly directed itself into his hands, displayed his knowledge of field placement. Also a catch for the cameras from Adam in Jonty Rhodes style but with the ball only moving at little more than five miles an hour.

Matt produced an over of Ballers standard with too many wides to count but at least this gave the opposition a chance to move the score board on.

Our own umpire stood his ground and refused every shout for LBW but did last through the very unpleasant rain shower which had the unfortunate glasses wearing fielders struggling for vision (which included the aforementioned). Philanderers’ innings closed on 88.

Our innings was dominated by TK’s interesting but effective batting style and the absolute quality of Callum, a pleasure to watch. TK managed a swipe that resulted in the bails being clipped with just three required for victory. The overexcited Baggers getting his chance to take the crease. Callum knocked a two but Baggers holding up his arm wanted it to be a single so that he could hit the winning runs. Unfortunately Callum was down the wicket by this point and the disappointment from a petulant Baggers could be felt all way to HQ.

Callum then tried his best to undo his wrong by playing defensively through the rest of the over. Regrettably a wide was called on the last ball and that was how the game ended.

Author: Steve Bowller

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