More from a Tour

From Grantchester’s Paparazzi at Chatwsworth

Pitch Inspection

The GCC Touring Party (most of)

Baggers strikes a boundary

The crowd go wild

GCC always like to have a full complement padded up and ready to go

JA strides back after a brisk knock

Skip takes guard

Another boundary

JM cuts

GCC’s speedster


Ferg eyes a big hit

and Great Longstone

GCC vs Great Longstone

135+ years of experience

Demon bowler warming up

Jake searching for the right areas

AP & Ollie

Martin (warming up)

Preparing to block another one

Ferg works on his glare

Oh dear….

300 should be enough

Another boundary coming up


Demon bowler (warmed up)

The Chairman

Demon Fielder

The Captain gives some last minute tactical inspiration

Demon Fielder applauding Demon Bowler

Giving Gorgeous George his due

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