Taking the Pith



The competition is hotting up (maybe something to do with the weather) but, yet again, the top slot goes to a man on the field rather than those in the crowd.

Perhaps realising that the previous week’s match against the ferociously-red-baseball-capped team of Ickleton had seen bare-headed Grantchester not only lose the game but also the sartorial advantage when it came to hat-wear, our men turned out in what can only be called a smorgasbord of head-fashion.

With thanks to Burkitt F for suggesting it, this week’s best-dressed focused on the “up there” bits of cricket-wear – and Wag Blog has to say, they’re much more attractive than the “down there” bits.

Boys, you did well – we counted an Aussie-style sunhat a la  Greg Chappell, a  khaki baseball cap, and a floppy sort of  “Englishman abroad ” affair and a myriad of other millinery.

No one man seemed to be wearing the same thing, which  may account for Conington’s batting folding so quickly.

Faced with such a terrifying array of bonce-wear, it’s hardly surprisingly they wanted to Forget The Whole Horror.

But top award goes to umpire-in-chief Travers B. The colonial pith helmet a-top his white-coated torso was so mesmorising that even Conington’s lovely WAG scorer forgave a controversial LBW call.

Ben – take a bow (just keep the helmet on.)


Burkitts; brace yourselves – your run at the top of the Cake League Table is over.

Yes, week three and your Victoria Sponge was if anything, higher, jam-mier, creamier and yes, spongier than ever before, and we applaud your joint marital effort – apparently Burkitt J did the cakey bit and Burkitt F did the filling.

But eagle-eared (do eagles have ears? And if not, what is the ear equivalent of being eagle-eyed? Answers on a beer mat please)

We did hear that a slight difference of marital opinion had erupted in the Burkitt household over whether there was (whisper it) too much filling…eek!

Wag Blog can exclusively reveal that Mrs (Lorna) Cap’n Wilson decided to take matters into her own hands (literally) and performed her own personal taste test of cream and jam before the teas were even served –and pronounced said filling both “delicious and home made”.

BUT…there is a new cake clan in town and this week’s prize goes to the frankly lovely Farman Family, who turned out in force with a  delightfully-moist Simnel cake  –   with icing AND silver decorations.

The speed with which said cake disappeared, the plaudits from the players, and the all-round cricket enthusiasm of the four Farnham girls means they win best cake this week.

We toyed with the idea of suggesting to Roos that the prize should be a lifetime’s supply of soft drinks for the Farham girls, but instead suggest Mrs F opts for a wine on the Wag Blog’s tab while Mr babysits one evening.


OK, Wag Blog has to admit that for us, the actual cricket-y bit tends to take second place to the Much More Important Thing of having a bit of a laugh and a chat, especially after last week when a semi-naked male  punter appeared on the river at the other end  from the pavilion (silly mid off?) .

Cake, dogs, fun company, good fielding (and two-for-one Chilean Sauvignon Blanc from Waitrose) meant that the score was a bit of a mystery  but (after some advice from Mr Wag) Kennedy T  was clearly a winner.

Sources close to Conington’s scorer have told us that Kennedy’s wickets included her boyfriend, her father, her boyfriend’s friend, her boyfriend’s friend’s brother and someone else with lots of apostrophes.

So hurrah! We won! And we had lovely cakes and dog walks. Join us next time. Mwah mwah (that’s air-kissses  for  non-Wags.) xxx

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