Rollin’, Rollin’ and Sign up for the Quiz

Grantchester Barrel race

Boys in Blue

HQ and GCC had another good outing in the Grantchester Barrel Race this year, not quite the clean sweep of last year but still 2 outa 3 ain’t bad. So congratulations to the Blue Ball Ladies and GCC (winners of the open race). Did I mention the GCC Quiz Night? Ah yes sign up details in the post above. Lots of coverage in the media (of the Rollin’ that is) including this. There is also a mention here where according to the Guardian at least, Cambridgeshire hosts two of the top 10 best winter festivals and events over Christmas and New Year. Doesn’t say much for the rest of the country, IMO…

The Barrel Race (masterminded by GCC member Francis Burkitt) comes in just outside the podium positions and comfortably ahead of the Fishermen vs Fireman football match, North Yorkshire and my personal favourite the Allendale Tar Barl festival, Northumberland where ‘guisers’ carry whisky barrels full of flaming tar, presumably because rolling them is out of the question. (There is an accompanying picture of an understandably anxious looking guiser…)

And did I mention the GCC Annual Dinner….

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