Some 2015 Highlights… and a December 12th Reminder

…that were caught on film my digital flash card.

George nearly gets us over the line…

Double Wicket Tournament

ps. Don’t forget BBRTC (as in Blue Ball and Real Tennis) vs CURTC (as in Cambridge and Real Tennis, for directions etc), 11am onwards Saturday, December 12th and afterwards (3pm) back at HQ. All welcome and there’ll be a chance to try the ‘Sport of Kings’ and Baileys and Kirks and Kennedy and Menzies and Heathy and George and Seb and ….)

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    • Collina on Tue, December 1, 2015 at 10:00 am
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    Awfully variable bounce at its most devilish here: jolly unfortunate lbw for the day’s acting captain (with triumph beckoning) as a consequence. The club’s handsome new range of equipment should put an end to that for next season.

    What a stunning new development on the video front, too. Coaching aids for some members are rather more than welcome….

    PS: is there a large-screen option available to enable us to follow the full parabolic reach of Jonty’s stupendous bowling?

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