Square Repair 2016

Blest with some fine weather, a somewhat recalcitrant scarifier, an array of spreaders (need a proper collective noun here, Ed), seed, fertilizer, 2000kg of loam, luter & assorted rakes (non-human), barrows and tea, the GCC winterizer squad set about repairing the square to ensure even better playing conditions for 2017. The process started fairly gently while watching Wiz & Jerry attampt to start the scarifier in the face of loads of helpful suggestions. Finally underway, a little raking provided a welcome distraction while the others moved the 80 25kg bags of loam into so regular and tidy piles.

The pace picked up a bit with tea and biscuits while watching Wiz scarfifying and unloading the debris. Seeding and fertilizing were also fairly relaxing although I did manage to spill a fair amount of seed on a rather verdant patch of outfield. Meanwhile the loam lurked (or whatever loam does while resting) in its 25kg bags which are heavy enough to start with but somehow double in weight when you lift the 20th and upend it in to the spreader. But even that paled compared to the joys of luting the 2000kg of loam now evenly spread over the 8 tracks of our fine square. Finally it was all over and the various equipment packed back on to its trailer only to find the Adnams was not quite ready… Oh well!

Here’s to even more runs at Spring Lane in 2017.

Hmmm… looks a bit empty


Sustence for Square &  Loamers

Sustence for Square & Loamers

80 x 25kg = Sore Back…

Heathy takes a turn

Thrice Scarified

Tea (for some)

Lutin’ & Loamin’ (Sam & Wiz)


The lonely Luter

Square Scarified, Seeded, Fertilized, Loamed & Luted

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    • Giorgio Collina on Wed, September 21, 2016 at 4:04 pm
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    At the very time that Mrs Collina was being wooed by Prince Harry on the shores of Loch Muick and I, blissfully unaware, was lost in the spectacular views….these admirable, venerable gentlemen were (released from my laboured obstructions of last year) achieving stupendous things. A huge thank you to all of you – from all of those who will benefit next season from your magnificent work. A round awaits…


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