Square Repair

The Square at Spring lane received it’s end-of-season make-over (scarifying, seeding, fertilizing, loaming and luting) last week under a glorious September sky. Here are some ‘action’ shots….

George, A True Rake(r)



Twice Scarified


and Thrice

No point in delaying things while we have a cuppa...

No point in delaying things while the workers have a Cuppa…

We did let Wiz have a Cuppa

We eventually relented and let Wiz have a Cuppa

Caption Competition....

Caption Competition….




GCC’s Synchronized Mowing Team try their hand at Synchronized Scarifying and Seeding

Coach George provides Guidance to the Seeding

Coach George provides guidance for the Seeding

Loamin’ and Lutin’

Finest Ongar Loam

Whistle while you Loam

Jerry & TK

Lute ‘n Loam

George getting periously close to premature Luting

and Cleanin’

The Scarifier being de-Scarified

and Welcome to the new addition to the GCC family…

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