Ties Across the Ocean

ralph1In good time for the 4th July celebrations, delightful news reaches us from Ralph Gillis, a Grantchester Cricket Club member based in Boston, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, former outpost of the British Empire:

Attached are two photos with the GCC tie.  First is with a print of “old Ironsides” which is the frigate, USS Constitution, which did so much to strengthen American/British relationships [ed: she went on to sink 8 British ships in the war of 1812].  The second is with the Mitchell Map attached to the 1783 Peace of Paris showing the North American coast and reserved sea areas at the end of the American Revolution.

I had been trying to have a photo at the Tea Party Ships, or at the Mayflower in Plymouth, but the stars simply did not align.ralph2

Trust these “iconic” photos will suit.



Do any more members have photos of themselves sporting the GCC tie in suitably iconic locations? Please email them to the webmaster and we’ll get them posted here.

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