GCC All Time Batting Statistics*

Cap’n Dan Farman has compiled some idle statistics for the absolute sake of it and poses some vital questions to ponder…

  • Who will be the first to catch AP Stafford?
  • Who will pass the next milestone of 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 runs first?
  • Who will play the 1000th Innings?
  • Who will score runs 17,000 / 18,000 / 19,000 and 20,000 for GCC?

Steve Wilson still in the Top 20!

RankNameInningsRunsN.O.AveragePer Innings
1AP Stafford6027372988.2945.62
2John Anderson6220731847.1133.44
3Jamie Menzies3915771463.0840.44
4Daniel Farman431508539.6835.07
5Fergus Wilson6412081625.1718.88
6William Wray449291128.1521.11
7Sam Ludford647461214.3511.66
8Guy D'Oyly17438127.3825.76
9Jake Jones32416616.0013.00
10M Goulder13399549.8830.69
11T Kennedy363441113.769.56
12P Myers25321113.3812.84
13Oliver Grant23316517.5613.74
14Harry Lawes6290396.6748.33
15M Jones2922949.167.90
16F Wilson19212414.1311.16
17M Dawkins13211321.1016.23
18J Innes41983198.0049.50
19Chris Morrison251771416.097.08
20S Wilson15176213.5411.73
21T. Lawes4166155.3341.50
22K. Munir7161232.2023.00
23C Marrian12144418.0012.00
24D Berman3513134.093.74
25Guy Lane1211009.179.17
26T Offord699224.7516.50
27Don Syme993213.2910.33
28Micheal Carrick129329.307.75
29A Potter685117.0014.17
30D Crowther684221.0014.00
31V. Tewary784542.0012.00
32G. Ayliffe1811N/A81.00
33 M Baker147847.805.57
34N. Brealey676115.2012.67
35 Dave Fox975210.718.33
36 Toby Lawes469017.2517.25
37C D'Oyly367133.5022.33
38N Woods116616.606.00
39G. Lewin-Smith75407.717.71
40J Greggain115459.004.91
41Will Thwaites753210.607.57
42Oliver Lawes451012.7512.75
43Sam Wallis146046.0046.00
44Huw Corcoran541213.678.20
45Jonty Este433216.508.25
46T. Keith-Roach232016.0016.00
47K. Sverdrup82924.833.63
48Nick Thompson42807.007.00
49Ben Curtis126026.0026.00
50George Hill82413.433.00
51T. Hayden2222N/A11.00
52T. Kennedy322111.007.33
53T. Munir221010.5010.50
54P. Patel31718.505.67
55T. Dixon21507.507.50
56M. Coury115015.0015.00
57Omar Mahroof21306.506.50
58S Bowller51224.002.40
59A Carew31103.673.67
60Ben Floto1909.009.00
61J. Diggle2904.504.50
62M. Hughes1707.007.00
63H. Pemberton2616.003.00
64G. Riches1404.004.00
65T. Andesron1303.003.00
66Tom Anderson1202.002.00
67Haroun Mahroof111N/A1.00
68Tobias L-Carrick111N/A1.00
69J Slater111N/A1.00
70Ben Travers2100.500.50
71J. Pollard1101.001.00
72Mark Dawkins1000.000.00
73Raz Mahroof101N/A0.00
74Jack Baird1000.000.00
75Guy Kirk1000.000.00
76W. Anderson1000.000.00

* from 2011 with apologies to the GCC Batters of the 19th & 20th Centuries

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