GCC 21st Century All-Time Bowling Statistics

Following on from the Batting List, hereby the GCC 21st Century All-Time Bowling Statistics.

Somewhat familiar feel at the top of the board….. AP Stafford holding the most Wickets, but then again he has always brought himself on against the Tail!

Jake Jones an outrageous Economy Rate of 3.49 over 215 Overs

Martin Baker (13.67) & Fin Wilson (13.15) the pick of the Averages/Wicket for those bowled over 100 Overs…..


  • 3,124     Overs
  • 18,744   Balls (or so)
  • 260         Maidens
  • 15,152   Runs
  • 843         Wickets
  • 17.97     Average
  • 4.85        Economy rate
  • 3.71        Overs per Wicket


Next Target:  1,000th GCC Wicket (21st Century) Case of Wine for the lucky Bowler/Fielder who gets that one… eventually.

Dave Foster still proudly holding his place at #12 on 30 Wickets

(Try sorting by Overs/Wicket, Ed…..)

1AP Stafford2602910979211.924.222.82
2C Morrison2633311627116.374.423.70
3A Kennedy2612412816719.124.913.90
4S Ludford232713856421.645.983.62
5M Baker146116564813.674.493.04
6J Jones215247494715.943.494.57
7J Menzies182228064717.154.433.87
8F Wilson129165394113.154.183.15
9W Wray1951110063727.195.155.28
10D Fox7973533410.384.502.31
11M Jones12366273120.235.103.97
12D Foster8854333014.434.932.93
13M Carrick7573622315.744.833.26
14W Thwaites10275141927.055.045.37
15T Lawes4661981711.654.302.71
16N Woods5752751419.644.824.07
17M Dawkins4412241416.005.093.14
18D Farman5722731321.004.794.38
19O Lawes5122701222.505.294.25
20Fergus Wilson3261671016.705.203.21
21C D'Oyly295125913.894.313.22
22G Hill17283810.384.882.13
23V Tewary4752298N/A4.875.88
24D Crowther254133719.005.323.57
25O Grant12093713.297.751.71
26A Potter313112618.673.615.17
27T Anderson22291518.204.144.40
28K Munir310222544.407.166.20
29J Este271198449.507.336.75
30H Corcoran190132433.006.954.75
31D Syme13095423.757.313.25
32B Curtis17198424.505.764.25
33K Roos402839.337.001.33
34G D’Oyly191111337.005.846.33
35O Mahroof14057319.004.074.67
36T Munir271128342.674.749.00
37T Hayden1122538.332.273.67
38D Wansell11160320.005.453.67
39D Berman3036218.0012.001.50
41G Lewin-Smith6046223.007.673.00
42C Marrian201628.008.001.00
43A Metzger41723.501.752.00
44N Brealey12092246.007.676.00
45Tom Kennedy4039219.509.752.00
46M Dawkins4022122.005.504.00
47N Thompson8050150.006.258.00
48T Kealey8035135.004.388.00
49H Mahroof3017117.005.673.00
50R Mahroof3011111.003.673.00
51Z Neasham2010110.005.002.00
52P Patel2010110.005.002.00
53H Lawes2016116.008.002.00
54M Coury4023123.005.754.00
55T Lloyd-Carrick80550N/A6.88N/A
56A Hellens40450N/A11.25N/A
57A Carew30110N/A3.67N/A
58J Anderson2070N/A3.50N/A
59J Baird2090N/A4.50N/A
60B Potter50480N/A9.60N/A
61G Riches40380N/A9.50N/A
62H Pemberton30150N/A5.00N/A
63W Anderson20150N/A7.50N/A
64K Sverdrup10220N/A22.00N/A
65T Keith-Roach50280N/A5.60N/A
66G Ayliffe1050N/A5.00N/A

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