The GCC Off-Season Rolls on…

… with the Annual Dinner at the Green Man, Grantchester

Wiz welcomes GCC's honoured guests & virgins

Wiz welcomes GCC’s honoured guests & virgins

A full house of 32 hungry diners were ushered from the bar into the GM’s restaurant promptly 20 minutes behind schedule. This became 30 after Wiz’s generous introduction of our special guests at this, the fifth (or sixth, there’s seems to be some debate as to whether the first actually qualified as a ‘dinner’) GCC annual dinner. Smoked salmon was first up and whisky cured at that. It didn’t last long. It was replaced by quite the most enormous plate of meat I have seen in a restaurant. Steve the chef clearly took us at our word when in response to guidance about the menu, we replied ‘meat’. This was the only point in the meal when the decibel level dipped below deafening, albeit briefly.

A magnificent cheese plate (all from locations no further than our away fixtures) followed the desert. And then it was the what everyone had come for, the special mystery guest speaker. But first, the prizes and AP’s farewell speech as El Capitain. It seems that having finally bested his brother’s team from Brighton he has decided to go out on top. Congratz AP you will be missed not to mention a hard act to follow. Congratulations also to best batter Dan Farman and best bowler Chris Morrison who have the trophies which have spent most (if not all) of the past 5 years on AP’s mantelpiece.

The mystery guest speaker seemed more efficient at texting Wiz for directions than following them so it was raffle time. Most of the prizes were quite rightly won by Jerry although I had a narrow escape when my number 99 came up for the bottle of Rosé that clearly had Wiz’s name on. Fortunately some kind soul persuaded our raffle meister that 99 was an upside down 66 so the Rosé became somebody else’s problem.

Finally, the mystery guest speaker was reveled to be none other than Cambridge’s good friend Rod Bishop who of cause had been in the room all along. He regaled us with not enough Wiz jokes but by this time the 10 for 12 Merlot was kicking in and everyone headed off peacefully into the night refreshed with the knowledge that away Gauls count double in Europe.

Next up is GCC’s Annual Quiz Night on Friday, Feb 10th. Details and sign-up HERE

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