GCC vs Remnants: It went down to the wire…

I had an in Court commitment but I thought at least I’d catch the end of the first innings on Sunday at Spring Lane Field for the Cambridge derby with the Remnants. Not a bit of it! In spite of Baggers best efforts to keep the innings going until my arrival, GCC and our guests were munching away on another GCC tea which Lorna had turned into another classic.

Fully tea’ed, GCC were faced with the somewhat daunting task of defending 113 on a Ground where 250+ is not necessarily a winning score. But someone clearly forgot to tell Jake who came steaming in from the ‘Wood’ end with a full head of errr.. steam. Finally the ball hit wood and went spiraling upwards. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) it went in Jamie’s direction who made a rather difficult catch look rather easy with an over the shoulder take.

Jamie was tight (not due to a visit to HQ, I hasten to add) and the ball was there or thereabouts barring a few emphatic straight drives from the Remnants opener. Suddenly, things changed rather dramatically as Jake pulled off two stunning catches and added to his bowling haul and Remnants were 5 down for 40 odd….

Presumably it was obvious to Jamie but it soon became obvious to me that GCC were 1 and a bit bowlers short. Skillfully shuffling things around at one end while Martin took over from the ‘Hedge’ end, Jamie flung TK the ball… Wow, what a revelation, flight, dip, accuracy (not sure about the turn, I couldn’t see) from both ends. Suddenly three more wickets fell with Remnants still needing 35….

Jamie came back on for his final two overs with the game in the balance as 35 became 20. ‘It could go either way’ a particularly astute member of GCC’s own observed. 20 became 8 with 2 overs to go and then….

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