Interested in Playing Friendly Cricket on a Superb Ground in Cambridge?


Geoff Robinson Photography 07976 880732.
The return of cricket in England this weekend after lockdown restrictions were eased with Grantchester Cricket Club hosting The Gentlemen of Cambridge at their ground along side the River Cam. Geoff Robinson Photography 07976 880732, 12/7/20 Click on image to see more!

From recent visitors….”Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. Your ground is a gem and beautifully tended too. It was a privilege to play on it. There are several familiar old names on your fixture list so it was no surprise that the game was played in such a friendly spirit.

Are you living in or moving to Cambridge and interested in playing friendly cricket? Are you fed-up with League Cricket or just want to play the game because you enjoy it? Sure our games are competitive but they are played in what we like to think is the true ‘Spirit of Cricket’ as it used to be. It’s cricket of a good standard played on one of Cambridge’s most picturesque grounds.

What’s more our Ground is situated on the river Cam at the end of the famous Grantchester Meadows in the village of the same name on Spring Lane. Grantchester boasts its own TV series and four pubs. We’ve played against the former and frequent the latter, especially after matches.

We have a loyal band of supporters and some of Cambridge’s more famous residents can be spotted in the pictures across our website

Please take a moment to browse through our website and see who we are, where and when we play and decide whether you’d like to know more. If you do, please contact our Chair, Steve Wilson (although everyone calls him Wiz), on 07825 816891 or

p.s. We like to think our Ground is a bit special and we certainly put a lot of work into it, in and out of season. (It’s dedicated to just Cricket, we should add.) Nonetheless it was particularly gratifying to receive the following last week…

“…On the occasion of my last visit to Cambridge I happened to pass your beautiful cricket ground. It was lovely! Since our club intends to undertake its first tour to the motherland of cricket, I suggested Grantchester CC to our board as a most suitable destination – …. Now I have been asked to make this enquiry:…”

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    • Joanna on Thu, September 12, 2019 at 9:37 pm
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    Hi Steve

    My partner and I are both interested in playing some cricket. I’m a bit rubbish but he has played before.

    We were wondering how we could get involved.


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