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Had I have paid more attention to BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives all those years ago I’d have passed my History ‘O’ Level – though maybe only at the second attempt. I’ve listened for years. Its mix of enthusiast and expert as they deliver, by now, hundreds of half hour, biographies would have Lord Reith proud as they inform, educate and entertain. I was a few minutes into this weekend’s offering on the life of the eccentric, Nobel winning physicist Richard Feynman chosen by Tej Lalvani when the calm, expert voice had me put down my Earl Grey and pay a little more attention. It was, indeed, our own Dave Berman, occasional opening bat, midwicket fielder and popular and long-standing club member. His radio innings lasted, rare even he’ll admit, the full half hour and was full of graceful, flowing, unhurried drives off the front foot into the history of physics boundary. I suggest you treat yourselves and hear our own ‘Baggers’ as he performs as well as any expert I’ve heard on the series.

Now, if only he could take that knowledge of physics, because that’s all any ball game really is, out to the middle with him…

Tej Lalvani on Richard Feynman
Great Lives, Series 45 Episode 5 of 9

Richard Feynman was a physicist who helped design the atomic bomb and won the Nobel Prize. He is the great life choice of businessman Tej Lalvani CEO of his family business Vitabiotics and the newest Dragon on the BBC show Dragon’s Den. Feynman was also regarded as something of an eccentric and a free spirit who had a passion for playing the bongos. Helping to make the case for this great life Tej is joined by the expert witness David Berman, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary University of London and Grantchester Cricket Club member of long standing. The presenter is Matthew Parris and the producer is Perminder Khatkar.

and you can listen to it all by clicking HERE

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