Hare Street run away with it

Some powerful hitting was on display last Sunday from the Hare St & Hormead middle order. There are now seven (or eight) more cricket balls hiding around the edges of Grantchester Cricket Club’s Spring Lane Field than at the beginning of August. Now I guess we know what it must be like to face AP and Jamie in full flow.

Our bowlers stuck at it but the pitch was a beauty to bat on and Hare Street’s number 3 showed no mercy as he rattled up 158. 272 seemed an imposing total but GCC had overhauled a similar score against the same oppo last year. We were on track but a spectacular collapse saw us fall some 80 runs short. Anyway, enough of my waffling how about some PHOTOS you may ask (including some fielding shots which are actually far more difficult than bowling or batting).

Click on (or copy and paste) the Link below to see them at Google’s new Photos site…

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