Sunday July 31st Game @Ousden **1:30pm Start**

Stop Press: My preference driving from Cambridge is to go through Newmarket and then follow the B1063.…

The nearest pub to the ground (about a quarter of a mile on from the ground coming from Newmarket) is the Fox in Ousden. However, a nicer pub, and the one we go to after games, is the Star in nearby Lidgate – (if coming from Newmarket, carry on the B1063 to Lidgate, bearing right at the Ousden sign instead of turning left to Ousden). Whichever pub you choose, we would strongly encourage all GCC players to drink like fish before the game.

Ousden is located a few miles to the (south) east of Newmarket. From Cambridge, take either the A1304 or A14 to Newmarket)). Drive through Newmarket till you reach a roundabout by a clock tower. At the roundabout, follow the sign to the B1063 (turning right if coming on the A1304, straight on if from the A14). Go straight on for about ½ a mile until you reach a T junction, the top of which forms the B1063. Turn left at the T junction, where there is no left-pointing sign to the B1063, just by a Greene King pub on the left with a sign featuring red uniformed 19th century English dragoon. Follow the B1063 as it winds past a few hamlets (eg Cheveley, Ashley) for about 6 miles till (shortly after a dark fairy-tale like wooded area and Suffolk sign) you see a sign for Ousden. Leave the B1063 at this point, taking the left “turning” (geometrically straight on) up towards Ousden; continue along a gradually steepening hill for about 2 miles. The cricket ground (allegedly the highest point in Suffolk), partially obscured by the wooden village hall which comprises the pavilion, is on the right up a short bank – turn right after the village hall. Look for it soon after a red bricked country house & grounds on your right as you reach the top of the hill, just after a red phone box on your left

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