Pimlico take a Stroll

The Pimlico Strollers (well some of them) strolled down Spring Lane last weekend to find an immaculate looking pitch and outfield. We really are lucky to play (and photograph in my case) in such surroundings… The Strollers had a couple of very classy players plus a bit of local help on the field and were making light work of chasing down 178 when other things liquid (and solid) beckoned.

GCC’s very own Barky Army were much in evidence (perhaps too much at some times) and welcomed Digby and the Dixon Spaniel to the crew along with a couple of visitors including a Cody look-a-like.

Turning to matters on the field, GCC’s 2018 Master Blaster was in fine form until having the misfortune to be caught on camera missing a straight one, something that also befell Ferg. JA complete with bright white pads chipped in but had the misfortune to pick one of the visitors who looked they could hold on to the ball, which proved to be the case. Late over cameos from Henry Platts-Martin (hereafter HPM, such is my typing skill, apologies Henry) and Knut pushed the score along before we were treated to the cameo of cameos by wicket keeping Phil.

Jake and Finn looked a tad early seasonish but soon sent the Strollers openers on their way. This brought the aforementioned classy players to the wicket who kept the score ticking along in spite of a few scares. Vibhu went luckless and HPM bowled a few overs at Jake pace but also without much in the way of good fortune.

A few photos below (apologies again to Ferg and the Master Blaster) along with a link to a Google Photos Album with lots (I’m not exaggerating) more. Please check it out by clicking HERE

Click on the photos above for larger versions and/or click for the GCC vs Strollers Google Photos Gallery

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