No double for WW as he gets pipped at the post in the GCC 2018 Bowling averages…

GCC 2018 Bowling Champ

Michael Carrick

M. Carrick3431581015.804.654-21
W. Wray3432091020.906.152-5
V. Tewary475229828.634.872-27
J. Menzies464248831.005.392-10
M. Jones340216730.866.352-21
S. Ludford281177629.506.322-28
J. Jones407150625.003.753-8
M. Baker342189537.805.562-31
W. Thwaites354133433.253.802-22
C. Morrison270125341.674.632-15
Fin Wilson14256318.674.003-23
D. Wansell11160320.005.452-32
K. Munir190169284.508.891-35
F. Wilson53924.501.802-0
T. Kennedy10084242.008.401-16
C. D'Oyly821829.002.251-9
N. Brealey4033133.008.251-33
D. Farman4017117.004.251-4
T. Munir8050150.006.251-18
H. Lawes2016116.008.001-16
T. Hayden7120120.002.861-20
M. Coury4023123.005.751-23
O. Grant30818.002.671-8
A. Stafford20100N/A5.00N/A
G. Ayliffe1050N/A5.00N/A
T. Keith-Roche40240N/A6.00N/A
G. Lewin-Smith20160N/A8.00N/A
T. Lawes30140N/A4.67N/A

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    • Jack Diggle on Thu, September 13, 2018 at 7:39 am
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    As the pictures very clearly show each of the Michael Carrick clones (many of us have suspected this for a while), can I suggest we remove him from the top of the averages until we know which clone got which wicket?

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