The Formerly Reigning Wrays, Reign Again…

One of the 82 4’s…
…well one of them anyway! In record time, our fearless Captain brings you the GCC Batting Averages for the season 2018…
W. Wray1651828337.00821440
D. Farman941626959.4373550
F. Wilson1129457549.0050020
J. Anderson8284110240.5746421
J. Menzies617325743.2518810
G. D'Oyly616916233.8021100
K. Munir513027843.3316110
S. Ludford1011213612.4419000
V. Tewary78453742.0016000
G. Ayliffe181181N/A11010
P. Myers35203317.335100
M. Carrick34812624.009000
M. Jones7390145.575100
J. Jones43312011.004000
H. Lawes126126N/A3100
G. Lewin-Smith2190159.502000
P. Patel3171168.504000
T. Kennedy4163816.002000
T. Lawes11601616.001200
D. Berman5151103.752000
M. Baker315065.002000
T. Dixon2150157.501000
M. Coury11501515.002000
O. Grant312064.002000
Fin Wilson2120126.001100
N. Brealey2100105.001000
J. Diggle29094.501000
K. Sverdrup28178.000000
C. Morrison3632N/A0000
W. Thwaites35142.501000
T. Hayden1414N/A0000
J. Pollard11011.000000
…and one of the 14 maximumx

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