Square Repair 2019

For the first time IIRC, we did not require the master wizard Jerry to get the scarifier to start so things were well under way when I arrived a fashionable 30 mins late in anticipation of Jerry indeed being called upon to work his customary magic on the ECB’s (East Anglia) recalcitrant machinery. The weather was its usual bright self for GCC’s annual square repair working party. 3 passes with the scarifier, raking and dumping the proceeds, were followed by seeding, brushing and fertilising. But the last is the hardest: the dispensing of 250 kg of finest Ongar loam on each of the 8 strips on our Spring Lane Square followed by a good work-out with the luter… See below including the now traditional picture of us having a cuppa (and some excellent Orchard Tea Garden scones) while Wiz keeps working (top left).

The team in action

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